Use Basin to add transparency to your data, and to enable collaboration over data from your community and contributors. With Basin, verifiability is built in to data, enabling data users to confidently trace your data’s origin to an organization or to multiple real-world devices (e.g. weather stations).

Basin allows you to easily stream data from your production database to decentralized storage, simplifying replication and retrievability, while also making it available for near realtime use cases. With Basin, add verifiability and traceability to data from multiple real-world devices (e.g. weather stations), facilitate collaboration and monetization of pooled data.

How it Works

Basin adds an adapter to your production database, streaming updates as pre-defined intervals to decentralized storage (currently Filecoin), and simplifying replication and retrievability. In this flow, you can also make data available via a hot cache with customizable TTL for near real-time use cases like compute for rewards, proofs, etc.

Taking this one step further, Basin securely establishes provenance, history and timestamps with verifiable on-chain records. Efficient consensus & fingerprinting make state and on-chain proofs available, enabling use cases like insurance payouts.


Demos & Related Materials

<aside> <img src="/icons/map-pin-alternate_gray.svg" alt="/icons/map-pin-alternate_gray.svg" width="40px" /> **WeatherXM Demo** See how a project can fetch WeatherXM data over Basin and Filecoin, run queries with DuckDB, and store the history & visualizations.


<aside> <img src="/icons/map-pin-alternate_gray.svg" alt="/icons/map-pin-alternate_gray.svg" width="40px" /> **Geospatial Networks** Learn how epos securely establish provenance, history and timestamps with verifiable on-chain records. Enabling use cases like insurance payouts.


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